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 Touch Evalyon to record anywhere



Access Evalyon with your favorite device

Evalyon lets you capture data instantly and digitally, instead of manually typing it into a computer or on a paper form. Simply touch your device to collect the real time data you desire: voice-to-text or type notes to gather observations, camera to capture digital images, and speech/audio recording. Access these digital records to monitor, evaluate, report students' progress, and make referrals.

Touch Evalyon Buttons to Digitally:


• Capture and Document Real Time Data

• Choose from Templates or Author Student Goals

• Streamline and Manage Student Goals

• Monitor Track and Evaluate Student Progress

• Automatically Generate Reports 

• Print/View Reports for Parents and RTI Meetings

• Create Referral and Transfer Packages

• File and Retain Required Documentation


Evalyon's technology saves time and creates a cost effective solution that empowers teachers to more effectively interact with students, parents and peers. The permanent digital records are easily collected, accessed, analyzed, utilized, and stored safely, freeing up precious time to actively interact with students, and monitor their progress and success.

Capture the Moment with Evalyon



iPod Touch

Android Tablet


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