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DataCapture Pro™ Additional Features

Whereas DataCapture Ed™ is for individual teachers to collect data on iPad devices, DataCapture Pro provides schools and school districts with the ability to collect, share and distribute information utilizing a client/server multi-user architecture.


With DataCapture Pro™, Gen Ed and Special Educators Can Monitor, Track, Evaluate, Share, and Report Student Progress Using Paperless Digital Input to Comply with Federal RTI, IDEA, and 504 Accommodations.


DataCapture Pro delivers an innovative secure software platform for all administrators, educators, and support staff to track, evaluate, share, and report all students’ IEP progress toward goals, interventions, and placements. As in DataCapture Ed, DataCapture Pro also includes the 7,000+ inventory of Insight™ Goals, allowing all educators and administrators to access and collaborate personalized goals for students.

DataCapture Pro enriches and supports the student, parent, and educator experience. DataCapture Pro coordinates and helps implement successful intervention strategies across teams.

The platform makes it easy to track how Tier II and III students are identified, challenged, evaluated, and progressed through appropriate interventions. DataCapture Pro gathers required data for evaluation and placement into IDEA and IEP programs.

DataCapture Pro™ includes an extensive number of features, from attendance and grade tracking to parent reports.  Each student has a file, and any information recorded about the child, whether photographs, individual goals of social behavior, photographs, audio recording, video recordings, or academics goes immediately to a permanent file for that student.  


The files are accessible for parent reports, Individual Education Plan meetings, and Response to Intervention meetings, and may be customized easily for any meeting desired. The underlying goal is to streamline paperwork, such as writing behavioral and clinical referrals and keeping track of permission trips for varied activities and make it easily accessible to educators.  


DataCapture Pro provides an easy to use environment for educators to collaborate lesson plans, goals, meetings and continuing education.

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