Ms. Peyton taking photos of student work

“It was easy to access and user-friendly.
It eliminated massive amounts of paperwork.” 

- Sheila Peyton

Teacher at the Frances A. Karnes
Center for Gifted Studies

“During our pilot, Evalyon was able to help our teachers increase student engagement. The reports brought clarity during parent-teacher meetings.” 

- Dr. Pola Jakacki 

Director of the Frances A. Karnes
Center for Gifted Studies

Dr. Daves discusses cost

“The cost of Evalyon is very reasonable. One of the major challenges for teachers is the ability to accurately track RTI/IEP goals.  Evalyon provides an excellent platform for reporting progress in real-time. I'm especially impressed with the structure of the program and the ability to monitor behavioral goals as well as academic. Teachers and schools will find the program well worth the cost.” 

- Dr. David Daves
University of Southern Miss

College of Education and Psychology