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Could you imagine being a teacher in a school and need to call for help if you have an intruder emergency?  Think about the time it would take to dial, get an operator, give your name, school name, describe the situation and answer questions!  Think of the benefits of simply pressing a button to simultaneously contact numerous authorities by phone, text messages and emails so that you can focus on the safety of your students!


Evalyon’s IntruderAlert App is critically needed today for heightened school safety concerns. Just touch the button on the free and easy-to-use App, and an educator or staff member can immediately access, alert, and notify authorities to a hostile intruder or school shooter emergency.


WHAT DOES IT DO? Touching the IntruderAlert 'Press for Help' button immediately initiates automated voice technology that speaks on your behalf if you declare an intruder emergency to authorities you specify. Optionally, the system will send SMS text messages and/or E-Mail messages which include the intruder alert notification, your name, school name, and your location in the form of a map. 



Evalyon’s IntruderAlert is free to download until Sept 30, 2018. Beginning 10/1/2018, there is a one-time fee of $1.99. 



To download and use Evalyon IntruderAlert, you must be a teacher or staff member of an accredited K-12 school, college, university, or other secondary school.


HOW DOES IT WORK?  After installing the App, simply enter your name, school name, cell phone number, and email address. 


Next, enter phone numbers and email addresses of the appropriate authorities who will be notified when you cite an Intruder Alert. Teachers and staff are urged to meet with their school administrators to determine the appropriate officials to notify in an intruder emergency.


After this information is entered, if an intruder emergency takes place, simply touch the 'Press for Help' button and the system will immediately notify your specified recipients.  For those recipients who receive phone calls, they will be prompted to press '1' to confirm they received your call for help.  You will receive an SMS text message notifying you that help is on the way.


Recipients that receive a SMS text message or E-Mail also receive a map which provides your location at the time you cited the intruder emergency.

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